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Djeep, renowned for its high-quality lighters, is a brand that combines durability and design in its products. Since its creation, Djeep has established itself as a benchmark in the lighter sector, offering reliable and elegantly designed products. These lighters are appreciated for their robustness and longevity, often surpassing the standards of traditional lighters. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Djeep continues to stand out in a competitive market, offering a unique user experience and products suited to a variety of everyday uses.

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Complete redesign of the Djeep website, a brand recently acquired by the BIC Group, with the aim of modernizing their online presence while highlighting the quality and durability of their lighters. The redesign involved updating the design and functionality, ensuring that the site reflected Djeep’s unique identity.

Produced in partnership with agencies La Boucle and Dragon Rouge.

Headless CMS Strapi
Redesign of the DJEEP website