Already 15 years!

2023 marks the 15th consecutive year of partnership between the BIC Group and Agence F+!

In 2023, let’s celebrate the 15th year of the partnership between the BIC Group and Agence F+! A solid partnership, unique in our field, symbolizing not only deep mutual trust and a shared vision, but also our collective ability to move forward together in a constantly changing world, while continually meeting new challenges.

This year, once again, the BIC Group has entrusted us with large-scale, structuring projects, reflecting Agence F+’s position as the agency of reference for the BIC Group. Simply and sincerely, THANK YOU!



COVID has severely disrupted the organization of events. With this in mind, in partnership with the Collectif Ensemble agency, we developed a 100% automated digital platform for online events, to enable Groupauto International, one of the leaders in its market, to pursue its meetings and contracts.
Developed on a microservices basis, the platform is powered by Strapi and Nuxt.js. Over 3,500 meetings/deals have been organized via the platform.

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Discover the BIC Group’s new corporate website, designed and developed by Agence F+. Using Strapi and Nuxt.js, this multilingual website with a global reach replaces the group’s previous site, which had become visually and technically outdated.

Agence F+’s expertise in digital strategy and web development guided every stage of the creation of this substantial project, both in terms of the simple interface design, the DNA of the BIC brand, and on the technical side, with user-friendly administration.

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Tropicana, part of the PepsiCo Group, called on Agence F+’s audiovisual expertise.

Our mission was to create a series of in-house films, presented at the PepsiCo Group’s marketing conventions, the high point of the Group’s brand innovations.

Through these videos, the Tropicana brand was able to present to all its marketing teams the new innovations surrounding the brand, as well as the new marketing strategies for the coming years.

Websites in
Nuxt.Js and Vue.Js

Nuxt.js is an open-source framework based on Vue.js, designed to help developers rapidly create modern, high-performance web applications. With Nuxt.js, you can create universal websites and web applications with advanced features such as server-side rendering, data preloading and SEO optimization.

Nuxt.js is developed and maintained by a community of open-source contributors, led by Alexandre Chopin. The project was created in 2016 and is licensed under the MIT license.

Headless CMS websites with Strapi 4.0

Strapi is a flexible, open-source content management system. It enables users to create REST APIs, websites or mobile applications. With Strapi, you can easily create and manage content, users and permissions, as well as customize data fields to meet the specific needs of your project. It also offers a user-friendly administration interface to simplify content management. Strapi is built with Node.js and comes with a large community of developers and contributors.

Strapi is used by many companies, such as IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, Toyota, and enjoys an active community of over 20,000 developers on GitHub and over 400,000 downloads since its creation in 2015.

Expert in microservices architectures.

A microservice approach is an architectural style of software development in which an application is built as a set of independent services. Each service, called a microservice, is responsible for a specific functionality and communicates with other services via well-defined interfaces.

This approach promotes modularity, scalability and flexibility, as each microservice can be developed, deployed and scaled independently of the others. Microservices also make it easier to manage changes and updates, making them a popular approach for developing modern, scalable applications.

Production of

Whether you’re looking to produce event films, BtoB films, in-house campaigns or TV commercials, our teams of enthusiasts can handle all your video projects.

From writing and directing to sound engineering and special effects, our creations will boost your campaigns.

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