A new company

A new site

BIC Blade Tech is a B2B company in the personal care industry, dedicated to manufacturing state-of-the-art custom shavers. Their product line stands out thanks to their ingenious modularity platform, which allows you to create a unique combination of state-of-the-art heads and a wide range of handle possibilities.


To create the very first online presence for BIC Blade Tech, a newly created company under the aegis of the BIC Group, in order to benefit from their world-renowned expertise in shaving.

Web design, content creation, key visuals, 3D products, development of the site and overall architecture – everything was done to provide BBT’s teams with solid, technologically mature support for their market entry.

Headless CMS Strapi
Cinema 4D

Infinite possibilities

Customization to suit your business

The BIC Blade Tech platform offers a self-designed configurator that allows industry players to create their own shaver models based on BIC's undisputed expertise in the field, using spare parts.

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